The Miami Loop

Jon Larsen can make, fix, or break pretty much anything, but nothing he’s ever created, restored, or destroyed is as good as the Miami Loop. Using state of the art technology and samples of epic proportion, this “eccentric” genius put together twelve minutes of synthetic groove that, when played on repeat, will guarantee at least two hours of nonstop hip-shaking jive. His inspirations for the piece was his 1988 Nissan 300 ZX T-top convertible and Miami, a car built for cruising down Biscayne at 88 mph in the summer/fall of 1987, and consequently the song is completely period.

We listened to this jam on yet another one of our adventures in the Z on the way to L.A., and I’m not kidding you, we played it the whole fucking drive. How can a twenty second long sample that’s been looped for twelve minutes manage to stay so fresh? I think the secret is that it’s in 11/12 time, meaning the hits come a little before you’re expecting them. Since it’s still based on a 4/4 loop, you don’t notice how strange it is and can properly focus on how much it rules.

Jon calls it the best song he ever wrote, and since I’ve seen his bands before, I believe him. The song is badass. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, throw on the Miami Loop and you’ll be dancing like Gloria Estefan’s sound machine. I’m gonna play it incessantly, both at block parties and next to the cigarette fountain at Jon Larsen’s funeral. Fuck yeah Miami Loop.

Give it a listen: 


3 thoughts on “The Miami Loop

  1. Brian Hays says:

    at around the eleven minute mark, I ran upstairs, grabbed my seafoam green linen suit and a couple of 8balls, and left the house, looking for some action.

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