Andy’s Haircut

This video was taken a number of years back when Andy was going through a period of only getting his hair cut by fire. It was taken at Mike Brown’s house much to the chagrin of our friend Johnna, and its one of many examples of how Andy got his, ahem, custom look.

The first time I lit his hair on fire was probably the best. We were at a bar in Salt Lake called Urban Lounge, watching some relatively boring band called The Pony’s. I was hanging out at the bar talking shit with some friends when suddenly someone came up to me and said, “Isn’t that your drummer trying to play keyboards with the band?” I looked over and saw a drunk Andy leaning next to the stage with his eyes closed, one hand playing random notes on the bands keyboard while they looked over at him with frustration. They were gonna make it to the end of the song before lambasting him, so they kept playing even though it was clear they were annoyed.

“Check this out!” I screamed and ran through the crowd towards Andy. When I got there, I did whatever I thought was most natural at the time–stood behind him and lit his hair on fire. Andy had no idea what was going on, and just kept swaying from side to side as his entire head became engulfed in flames. The Pony’s were more than a little shocked, and I remember looking up to see the looks on their faces, which as you can imagine were fairly wide-eyed. I just stood there and laughed maniacally with delight.

Someone from the crowd ran up and put out Andy’s hair, confusing him in the process and almost leading to a fistfight. It was so awesome! Later, on the walk home, we wrestled up the frost bitten streets, both getting my blood on our jackets. My girlfriend at the time, bless her heart, had lost all of her patience, so when Andy asked her to punch him in the face under a street lamp, she was more than willing to oblige.

“Again,” Andy said, and she hit him again.

“Again,” he repeated, and she punched him even harder.

The process was played out a few more times before she socked him so hard you could hear the echo reverberate throughout the empty streets.

“That’s good,” Andy conceded. The next day, he had a perfectly black eye and she had a perfectly black fist. God I miss that girl. Either way, for the next six months, Andy decided to only get his hair cut by fire. I was going to follow suit and only get my hair cut by ice, but we never really found a suitable method.


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