And then I grew up…

Old man Abouzelof enters the realm of cyber-reality.

This website is the most comprehensive source for online information regarding the inner workings of M.H. Abouzelof, a.k.a. Mike Abu, a.k.a. that guy in the corner with the disheveled clothes and fuck-all attitude. I present to you another side of life. Since I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, this will be a site constantly evolving, so bare with me as I figure it out. I think this could be fun though, and certainly will provide an insight into whatever it is I’m thinking and doing. Consider it a private view into all things me. I hope to tackle every single topic that comes to my attention, with interviews of random people I find fascinating, photos of cool things and places, and videos of me smashing shit. I’ll try to update this thing daily, so check back whenever you want to find out what’s up.

In particular, this is where I’ll keep a log of what happens in Cuba the next few weeks. If I stop posting, know that I went out like I came in–kicking and screaming. Otherwise, let’s go on an adventure together. I guarantee things are gonna get a little crazy from time to time, but when the going gets weird, the weird go pro. Let’s see what happens…


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